Planetary Mixer


The planetary mixer is an industrial equipment conceived/made to prepare food, chemical, ceramic dough or other type of product, replacing manual labor through a mechanical system that allows to produce, continuously, large quantities of dough.


The name “planetary mixer” comes from the system used in the equipment that mixes the dough in the planets rotation direction. The planetary mixers Ferneto are ideal to produce pastry products such as emulsions, creams, batters and other sophisticated desserts witch require larger, faster and powerful rotation movements.

The range of the planetary mixers Ferneto include an extended equipment set of, suitable for small and large productive bakery and pastry units as well as other food units (catering, hospitality and similar industries). This equipments are available in standard, stainless steel and marine version.

The main differences are based on: construction structure, raw material and esthetics features.

Do you want home made products with the added value of a machine? Are you looking for an equipment that can assist you? Do you want productive performances keeping higher quality standards? Find out the planetary mixer and know how to improve the quality of your production.