Rapid Mixer Granulator


Our Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturer is designed to achieve excellent mixing and consistent granules at lower operating cost along with higher productivity.

Alpro Equipments is well known organization for Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturer In India Rapid Mixer Granulator exporter in India, our experties are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of rapid mixer granulator, Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to suit the requirements of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry.


Mixing Bowl & Cover :
  S.S. 304 bowl design in three sections i.e Flat bottom, Cylindrical mid portion and conical top portion for efficient mixing operation & provided with counter balanced lid. Lid provided with vents, view ports & charging openings.

Main Impeller & Drive :
  The main impeller consists of dual speed 750/1500 synchronous dual HP TEFC motor, coupled through a belt drive to a worm reduction gearbox with chain coupling. The impeller is designed to provide mixing at the bottom and at the centre of the bowl and is driven through a specially designed bearing housing that facilities inside wash facility for quick change over and also prevents leakage of powder from bottom entry and leads to longer life of gear box.

Chopper :
 The chopper drive consists of dual HP Dual speed (1440/2800 synchronous speed) TEFC MOTOR. The motor shaft is of S.S. and the chopper has specially designed 4 blade S.S. Impeller. The shaft is integral with the motor. The assembly mounted horizontally into the bowl.

Discharge Port :
 The discharge port is mounted horizontally into the bowl with vertical downward opening. The opening is operated by pneumatic cylinder and discharged can be regulated for required opening

Mounting :
 A sturdy M.S. channel frame is used to house the drive assembly at the bottom. The bowl is mounted on the top. A S.S. staircase and railings are provided for the platform. The platform is half covered with S.S, dimpled plates. For safe movement of operator and the area under the bowl is covered with S.S.

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